Some Personal Trainers are pad holders but to truly understand pad holding and body mechanics we believe that fighters deliver a different training experience to our clients.

About StrikeFit

Founded in 2008 by Mark Mullan, StrikeFit offers their members the best

possible fitness and self defence solutions in an awesome community, fun and 

friendly environment.


We have many group classes, mums classes, soccer and football teams etc. 

To suit all fitness levels, personal training, strength and conditioning programs

run by professional athletes to ensure our programs fit all fitness levels.



About Mark

Mark started Muay Thai kickboxing when he was 14 as Self Defence and to

help with his asthma.

Mark has been living and breathing kickboxing ever since. He has had a career

spanned over 20 years with 35 fights and 31 wins and has trained and fought

in some of the most prominent Muay Thai Kickboxing Gyms in the

Netherlands and Thailand.

Mark is a former K1 Australian Title Champion. He has also won state and South

Pacific titles and held a state amateur title in Boxing. 

Mark has been lucky enough to travel around the world and learn different training techniques from all highly skilled trainers, which he can now apply and teach to his students. Being a good fighter does not mean your always a good trainer! Building a good relationship and having good communication is also the key.

Mark brings over 20 years of experience to StrikeFit. He is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Level 1 Kettlebell coach and brings a wealth of fitness and health knowledge.


Mark is also a passionate member of the Chinese and Vietnamese communities as his mother is of Chinese and Vietnamese origins.

Highlights of Marks previous fights below



About Dinesh

Dinesh has competed in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai for 20 years, with 28 professional fights and 25 wins (most by knockout!). Dinesh is also a Kings of Combat Champion and former professional boxer.


With 15 years experience under his belt as a personal trainer, his passion and enthusiasm for helping people improve their health and teaching martial arts is what your fitness journey needs.

Dinesh is the guy you want in your corner!