Professional Athletes and Sporting Teams

The benefits of boxing/kickboxing/muay thai training for professional athletes and sporting teams include improved power, speed, strength, reaction, reflexes and intense fitness. Work the body's energy systems by adding boxing/kickboxing/muay thai training to current training programs in a safe, controlled and fun environment.


Strike Fit is currently working with local football and soccer teams with great success and are looking to help other sporting teams. Give us a call if you'd like to introduce your team to Strike Fit 



Personal and Group Training

Work one-on-one with a trainer or bring a group of friends.  



  • can focus on boxing/kickboxing/muay thai styles, or a mix of all three

  • include pad work, technique, conditioning, core & strength and functional exercises

  • are specifically tailored to your fitness level to provide an optimal training experience

  • allows you to experience the mental and physical aspects of a real fighter's training program - without the bruising!


Corporate Group Training


Healthy employees lead to a healthier, more productive work place.


  • Group training helps your team to bond and enhance team dynamics

  • Healthier, more motiviated employees can lead to reduced absenteeism

  • Corporate Group Training is designed to teach participants your choice of basic boxing or kickboxing skills in a non-confrontational environment, and most importantly it's fun!

  • A normal Corporate Group Training session will focus on training that can improve workplace health and performance and includes technique, pad work, conditioining, core strengthening, posture and defence.



Mums Group Classes.

It's tough being a mum and finding time for yourself so instead of hitting the wall come hit a pad!  At the end you will feel less frustrated and more likely to walk out with a big smile on your face. Put yourself first for 45 mins a day - your family will benefit from a healthy fit mum.

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