Mark has been my personal boxing coach for over 3 years, and has conducted group classes for my work organisation over the past 2 years.



Having had the privilege to work with multiple sporting coaches throughout my career, Mark is one of the most impressive coaches I’ve had. He always puts his client's goals and needs first.


Mark has been instrumental in providing myself and the team, challenging, but realistic and attainable goals with all things boxing, kickboxing and striking related.


Mark’s pro-fight background (inc him being Australia’s K1 kickboxing champion), coupled with his holistic outlook (ie, yoga, meditation, nutrition, weight loss, wellbeing, etc), makes him a very strong candidate to hold boot camps and pre-season boxing/kickboxing training sessions for any AFL football club.

Paul Licuria

AFL star

CEO Alffie



Mark is one of the most passionate and dedicated trainers I know. Turning up for a session with Mark, I know that he’ll push me to my limits but we’ll also have a laugh. His positive energy is infectious and he has been a constant source of motivation for me. 


As an athlete himself, he knows what it takes to be at the top of your game. He is constantly evolving his own skills and his strategies for post-training recovery have been a huge help for me while preparing for fights.


Mark genuinely cares about his clients and treats every single person with respect, regardless of their background and abilities. In my experience, there are very few fighters who are willing to share their knowledge without ego. Mark is one of them.

Lilian Dikmans

"To all the Strike Fitters out there now and into the future I'd like to share my experience of being trained by Mark Mullan.


You all know how formidable Mark is as a fighter but that does not necessarily translate to being a great trainer, which Mark certainly is. Mark combines his skills as a professional fighter and Australian champion with an enthusiasm for teaching and pride in the progress of his students which makes for an ideal training experience.


Whether you are an elite athlete or like myself a middle aged person just wanting to get fit , Mark makes you feel like a champion and keeps you coming back with his challenging training regime that will result in you becoming fitter than you have ever been and learning skills that only an expert can teach. He has guided me from being an absolute putz with no skill and limited fitness to having fought in two challenges.


Mark has shown that you can teach an old dog new tricks and he does it well."

Dr Michael Boquest


I decided to practice kickboxing for the mental and physical challenge. Every training session Mark pushes me further and further and provides me with great support in order to achieve my goals. I have improved on my ability to focus, improved my coordination skills and of course throw some deadly spinning back fits!


Since training with Mark the level of my fitness has definitely increased and I feel strong. Not only is Mark my trainer, he is a big brother and a mentor, thanks for continuously believing in me Mark!

Kim Nguyen


I was unfit and mentally burnt out from working long hours and basically forgot about my own well being, then I began to train with StrikeFit under the guidance of Mark Mullan. We mapped out a training plan to help me reach my goal, to get fit and healthy, the training took me out of my comfort zone and it was a challenge many times I was going to quit but with Mark Mullan's encouragement, I kept going,


What impressed me about strikeFit was the variety of training which made training enjoyable, with Marks experience, genuine care about your health and safety I knew I would reach my goal and gain my health back. StrikeFit offers you more than training, it offers you a great atmosphere where everybody is there to help and support you all the way regardless of your ability. 


I have gained friendships from those who train at Strike Fit and the staff. My goal was to step into the boxing ring for the FightFit challenge, with the training and support from Mark Mullan and the Strike Fit team and guess what? I reached my goal! 

I recommend to anyone, any age to train at StrikeFit - you won't regret it! 
Thanks to Mark Mullan and StrikeFit.

Allan Riddle Age 51

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